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Living The Good Life is a radio program, full of green home renovation and building ideas, sustainable living principals and practices, weekly eco tips and a whole lot of fun.

The program is hosted by John & Vivienne Benton, directors of Benton Productions and Eco Renovation & Design. The technical aspects and teenage perspective for the program are both provided by their grandson, Zac Benton.

Living The Good Life sets out to make change, to challenge the status quo, to start discussions and to make people stop and think – Living The Good Life also sets out to entertain, to amuse and to present some great music.

In lots of ways, it’s just like joining the Benton family at their breakfast table for a chat on a Saturday morning. So, next Saturday morning, why not grab a cup of tea, sit down in front of your radio or computer and join John, Viv and Zac. We’d love you to join us.

Producers / Presenters  John and Vivienne Benton

John and Vivienne Benton are Environmental Scientists, and John is additionally qualified in environmental design and renewable energy technology. For forty years John and Viv were high profile entertainers with John starring in such early Australian television series such as Division 4, Homicide, Number 96, Over There, and Certain Women. He is probably best know for his role as Mr Lyle QC in Australia’s best loved movie, The Castle.

Vivienne played the role of Miranda, wife to Aboriginal actor Bob Maza in Bellbird, Maria in Long Arm, and most recently Sal Coffin in the international remake of Moby Dick, opposite Henry Thomas. Viv is also a published poet and an academic researcher.




Living the Good Life is predicated on the ancient philosophic concept of living the good life: that is living authentically, ethically, and in harmony with all that is. It is also influenced by the comedic antics of the 1970s BBC series The Good Life, which explored one couple’s attempts to step off the treadmill and live sustainably.

The show seeks, in an hour each week, to unravel the serious issues that plague our planet in a humorous and fun filled way. The agenda includes making the complexity of issues like climate change easily understood, whilst also exploring humankind’s place in nature, and responsibility to it.

Amongst the high profile guests they have had on their show are:

Dr Vandana Shiva talking about genetic modification of crops

Dr Maria Mies exploring issues of subsistence living

Professor Peter Singer looking at the concept of the good life

Prof Mike Hulme talking about why we can’t agree about climate change

Prof David Karoly unravelling atmospheric science

Prof Tim Jackson seeking prosperity without growth

Prof Frank Fisher talking about the Queensland floods

Lawyer Mike Power chatting about mining on agricultural land, and the role of the Environmental Defenders Office

Peter Andrews chatting about understanding our landscape

Living the Good Life has also looked at numerous key issues such as Colony Collapse disorder in bees, communicating climate science in the media, and the health of rivers. It is an eclectic programme with an intimate familiar feel filled with both keen wit and great wisdom.

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Living The Good Life |  Submitted on 31st May 2011