Announcement: Living by Design with sustainable architect Narelle Edgar

Living by Design first launched on What a Wonderful World in 2007 as a segment dedicated to permaculture.  It has now grown to a monthly focus on all aspects of sustainable design from permaculture to architecture and retrofits and green plumbing to LEDs. You can catch Living by Design on the second Monday of each month from 5.30-6pm on What a Wonderful World with Narelle Edgar and her range of expert guests.

NARELLE EDGAR Producer/Presenter – Living By Design

Now co-hosting What a Wonderful World with Kay Watts on the 2nd Monday of each month, Narelle joined Wonderful World in July 2010 soon after appearing as a guest on ‘Living by Design’. As an architect and mother, she was excited by the unexpected opportunity to share her passion and design knowledge, and to explore with a variety of guests better options for living to ensure our earth is protected for future generations. Narelle has a varied experience in architectural practice, working in London and Melbourne before establishing her own practice in 1999. More recently she became co-founder of the ‘Green Box Studio’ (, a collective of architectural and building businesses focused on sustainable design, and minimising the carbon footprint of the construction process. She is passionate about protecting and re-engaging with the environment, and has a commitment to living an intentional and sustainable lifestyle.

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Living by Design |  Submitted on 31st May 2011